Monday, October 25, 2010

How This Came to Be

     As advised by my OB, I needed several months rest due to some complications in relation to my health and my work schedule. Chrionni Bernard "King" Decrepito, a good friend and colleague of mine, suggested that I write a journal to document the things I've been doing and express my thoughts while waiting for my baby to come out. I disregarded the idea for quite some time and it only took me this month to carry it out.

     Several reasons were taken into consideration before venturing into this new so-called hobby of mine.  First and foremost, I hate the idea of writing my thoughts since I tend to regret what I write especially if I find it unsatisfactory. Second, I needed to finish reading some of the books that I bought but then again only finished two. Lastly, I wanted to finish my 'Riviera' cross-stitch since it has been put away for more than a year.
still 10% of my work. :)
     Utterly bored and tired with my daily routine, I decided to take the courage in pursuing this endeavor. Well, some risks have to be taken and I prefer taking this positively.

      I only write every time I have an inspiration or get emotional on some things. And usually I write poems. In school, when there are suggested readings and written reports assigned several months before the deadline, I get too lazy and find it hard to lift my pen to write. And as usual, I cram the day before the deadline and pass my work without finding satisfaction in doing it. This time, I want to change...for the better. I will be writing my thesis soon or decide to write some articles that interests me. And I believe this is a good training ground to hone my skills. Being a a graduate of History does not only confine me to teaching but also there are other opportunities related to my field of interests. And I have learned that a true historian does not only teach but write.
     After all, this is my blog, and whatever opinions and comments you have, they are always welcome. In this world, whatever you do there would always be people who would agree and disagree with you. Que sera sera. This is a new chapter in my life and I hope this is going to be a fruitful one...

Special thanks to 'my dodong' who brought up this topic.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is the first time I've ever shared my thoughts on the net. First and foremost, I am due this month and I can't seem to think of anything else to do. I've read several books already and started stitching. But my eyes get tired easily and it cramps my wrists. So I've decided to write whatever nonsense or sensible things I can think of in my blog. After all, playing games on FB gets me bored easily. I wonder if this new hobby too would go to the sinkhole once my baby comes out. Let's wait and see..... As of now, I'll enjoy this new venture of mine. :)